The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line – our wireless service delivers the same internet with the same speed and security of cable and fiber. But our radio wave technology also comes with added benefits that can make a big difference to your business.

Our Mission

Our renowned services offer the following advantages:

  • Lower latency – shorter time for information to be sent and received
  • Fewer interruptions due to construction (such as backhoe digging up a street) or accidents (vehicle hitting a telephone pole)
  • Less oversubscription and more reliable speed
  • Can provide broadband connection at temporary locations
  • No data caps
  • Fast, cost-efficient installation

No worries about weather

Being a Buffalo business ourselves, we fully understand the demands of Western New York weather, including winters. Unlike satellite technology, our radio signals are not affected by environmental conditions. Plus, with nearly a decade of service in the area, we can confidently say that our internet service works no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Engineering Expertise

As wireless internet providers and experts in fixed wireless technology, we deeply understand that just having the best technology isn’t enough. It is also critical to understand, employ and maintain it correctly.

We employ best practices from in-depth RF link engineering to automated configuration backups.

We analyze the RF environment, and employ the best frequencies for the job. Our network’s links are engineered taking Buffalo and WNY’s weather patterns into account, ensuring the right bandwidth is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Not only do we understand the physical layer (Radio Frequency Communications), we also maintain deep expertise on the network side as well. From a mesh-topology to provide redundancy and failover and load balancing options, to adaptive routing protocols and vigilant monitoring, Roofop operates a robust network to ensure reliable wireless internet service to our customers.

From fresnel zones to packet rates we apply our deep understanding of our technology to deliver the best customer experience possible.

How can we help you?

Contact us for an estimate or questions about our services.

“Our company operates critical building management systems over three locations; Rooftop networked our services together creating a system that is seamless. Rooftop’s ability to be flexible and provide a quality reliable solution to our needs made them an easy choice.”

Joseph Petrella
Principal, LCo Building, LLC.